BroganGray Staff

Pictured left to right (back row): Jason Lammli, Tim Brogan, Scott Gray, Patrick Rogers
(front row) Stephanie Hahne, Andi Preister, Barb Bessmer

“Most people can think back to a handful of times in their life to a “Where were you when…?” moment. As in, “Where were you when President Kennedy was shot?” “Where were you when the O.J. verdict was announced?”, or “When the towers fell?”  February 14, 2005 is one of those moments.  You may have heard of it.  The date when the law firm of Brogan Gray, P.C. was formed.

In mid-February, 2005, Tim Brogan and Scott Gray were in a local establishment getting a bite to eat.  Not altogether an uncommon event in and of itself, but on that particular day they sought to answer a question that had been haunting them since the beginning of their careers practicing law in Norfolk, Nebraska (for Tim, since 1987 and for Scott, since 1995).  How can they lead happy, healthy, enriched and fulfilling lives while practicing law? To this day, they still have not found the answer to their question, but they remain in a relentless pursuit of the magic formula.  Here’s what they have figured out so far; it’s about people. It’s about the people they work with and it’s about the people who come into their office with a legal question, and leave knowing they’ve been able to tell their whole story; their thoughts, desires, wishes and concerns, and not just the specific facts relating to their problem.  They leave knowing that their legal problems have been entrusted to an experienced, knowledgeable and committed team of legal professionals. They’ve also figured out its not all about what takes place inside the law office, it’s about what takes place outside the office as well.  For Tim, that means refereeing high school football games and spending time with his family and friends. Joining Tim is Jason Lammli, a native of the Norfolk area, who after spending time in the military working as a United States Air Force Judge Advocate General, returned to Norfolk to practice law and raise a family; and Patrick Rogers, a retired judge who is Of Counsel with the firm, provides unbounding wisdom, and wine, to anyone that asks, and is always planning his next trip. The heart and soul of the law office are Barb Bessmer, Andi Preister, and Stephanie Hahne.  They treat clients like members of their own family.  Actually, most clients prefer dealing with them rather than one of the attorneys.  When not in the office, they lead busy lives keeping track of kids and grandkids. So there you have it.  This is our magic formula.  No frills.  No fuss.  Just people trying to enjoy life and at the same time providing their clients the best legal services possible.